Jeff’s Sweet Potatoes and the Produce Place Nashville

WCTE, public broadcasting in Cookeville produces a show called Live Green Tennessee.  According to their website, their goal is “talking with our local Farmers, Gardeners, and Neighbors about how our agricultural heritage and local wisdom can help all of us lead greener, more prosperous and healthy lives.”

They aired a segment on the Produce Place in Nashville this week.  At about 2 minutes in, I clearly saw Jeff’s sweet potatoes on the shelf.  If you look carefully, you will notice the sweet taters still have dirt on them.  Look more carefully and you will see that the sign says, “the dirt is a reminder they’re grown in the ground!”

Barry has long been a friend to local producers, and has carried all sorts of our produce over the years.  Always glad to help promote good businesses run by conscientious people.  Thanks Barry!

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  1. The funniest moments of this video are the 2 times Troy Smiley leans over and spits onto the floor!!!

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