Free Range Chicken Dinner a success!

The Kirbytown community, made up of the neighbors surrounding the location for the industrial chicken operation we’ve been contesting, threw a fund raiser on April 8th to help study the impact of living near these complexes that house 40,000 chickens at a time. With free range birds from Wedge Oak Farms in Lebanon as the starting point, a huge meal was served that included home canned foods, Jeff’s veggies, and a gaggle of musical performances, the night was a rousing success. Held at the historic Armour’s Hotel in Red Boiling Springs, it provided he ideal setting for the event.

While it is clear that the chicken industry is not welcome in the community, there was nothing but warm feelings and good times at this event. I lost count of the many tasty foods that got passed around the tables family-style. Close to 100 people ate their fill and then some. Then we danced off the feast until 10, when the group moved over to the farm for the duration of the evening. I’ll be posting a new album on the photos page, so keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned for more fundraisers and other events.

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  1. Really Jeff? Did you tell the crowd about your secret meeting with Cobb in Nashville? Seems like you have some stuff you’re hiding from the crowd. How much money did you put in your pocket as a “fundraiser” for this nonsense?

    1. Melissa,

      Where does all this anger toward Jeff come from? The only nonsense I’m aware of is a big corporation making promises they can’t keep, working against public interest behind the scenes, and endangering our farm and creeks. Why do you assume because no mention of a meeting is posted here that it is being “hidden”- a little paranoid if you ask me. The money didn’t go to Jeff anyway, it went to the whole Kirbytown community in their attempt to study the impact of these factories that raise chickens.

  2. LOL. What exactly is going to cost him anything? How was the money for “Kirbytown” going to be distributed? Looks more like a money racket when all you have to do is some internet research. Contrary to your beliefs, most of the county like the jobs not to mention not one negative thing has happened since Cobb has been here not to mention they have multiple location that have been in production for years and have had no problems from their neighbors in those communities. Looks like a small crowd trying to spread lies and rumors in an attempt to gain something.

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