Fresh out of the psychedelic sixties, Jeff helped initiate an organic farm and Tennessee homestead in 1974. Long Hungry Creek Farm still raises six acres of produce and a few dozen calves each year. Pristine waters flow through 270 acres of mature hardwood forests, interspersed with rolling meadows and lovely pastures. Using old-time equipment and methods common in our rural neighborhood, an economically viable, environmentally-sound, and community-oriented model farm gradually developed. Jeff began making and using biodynamic preparations in the mid-1980’s, still does, and believes this low-cost method is the most efficient and productive way to manage our farm.

The beautiful land hosts festivals, conferences, and frequent visitors. Jeff advocates for a more peaceful agriculture that relies on cows, compost, and community. His early start, writing a newspaper column, and producing TV shows led to a bit of notoriety. Please let us know if you’d like to visit, or if we can help you in any way.