Cave’s Carvings Deciphered

The old carvings in the cave where we store our potatoes have finally been deciphered. They were carbon-dated at about 30,000 years ago, and resemble carvings in Swiss lake caves and one up in the Himalayan mountains. It reads something like this:

To advance from wondering nomads to permanent agriculturalists requires little else than land, labor and love. You will need the split-hoofed grass eaters and to use their impact wisely. Burn bones and rocks and spread the ash and sow the three-leafed, podded knotty-rooted plants. Keep the soil growing useful species alternating every few years with crops for grazing. Eat what makes you feel good and rot the leftovers with dung and spread the compost. Be quiet occasionally and think about important things.

Join us at this year’s Tennessee Local Food Summit, and we will delve into how to feed ourselves and boost our economy following the advice from thousands of years ago.


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