Bells Bend (Part 1)

Our mission is to grow high quality organic produce, and help others do the same.  Many problems inherent in modern agricultural production disappear by farming organically on a smaller scale.  Locally grown food uses less energy, and provides more employment.  Soils are better cared for, and the farmers and surrounding environment are safer.  There is…


The Difference Between Organic and Biodynamic

What is the difference between organic and biodynamic? Both are farming methods which contrast drastically with the chemical agriculture so common today. They both attempt to build up the soil’s humus content, and rely on biological activity for fertility and pest control. The use of toxic chemicals – whether insecticides, herbicides, fungicides, or fertilizers –…

Why We Need Farms

We need farms for a variety of reasons, besides just a place to get our bread. The domestication of cattle and the dawn of agriculture gave birth to the rise of civilization and the growth of human culture. Much of the work was done by slave labor. As consciousness expanded, hired labor became the norm….