Farm Report

The farm got rain on Friday! The lack of rain up to this point has slowed down some of the plants, but now they are really starting to take off. Amazing how an inch of rain can kick things into overdrive.

Beets are still abundant, and I will have extras for all of you who asked for them last week. If you haven’t asked yet, but want extra beets, don’t wait too long. You have to get ‘em while they’re fresh.

Onions are abundant right now, and we are getting seconds- those that won’t likely last through winter due to blemishes or damage. We will have a lot this week, and encourage you to take them. They could be pickled, made into soup or other onion-heavy recipes, and some will store if you give them a place where they can breathe and dry- hanging a mesh bag is common. If you can feel a soft layer under the outer skin, the moisture is already beneath the skin. They won’t keep so you should use those up first.

Lettuce is struggling against the heat and trying to bolt (go to seed). We will have quite a bit this week, and then perhaps one or two more weeks of lettuce until the fall, when things cool off again. Plan for salads this week, or pile it high on your favorite sandwich or burger.

Chard also will give out under the summer heat before long, but never fear, we plant a fall crop too.

Green beans, squash, and cucumbers are going to start producing much more in the coming weeks since the rain came, and hopefully in enough quantity to have extras for those wanting to preserve them for winter. Our production schedule is on par with last year, with each producing for 10 weeks.

Tomatoes, peppers, and corn are looking great according to Jeff. The weather has been perfect for them. Ripe tomatoes will start to trickle in next week, and hopefully get to the point of absurd amounts. We have a couple of weeks before corn shows up, and it all comes in all at once. To counter that, Jeff plants different fields a couple weeks apart to spread the harvest a bit. Peppers last us into October and sometimes beyond first frost (stored in the cave), wait to you taste those bullhorns!

Watermelons are looking good too. They usually show up in August.

Basil is available in almost an amount you need, just let us know how much you want and when you want it. Dill won’t be around that long, but parsley lasts all season.

Sweet potatoes, winter squash, and Chinese cabbages (bok choy, napa, michihili, etc) are all in the ground for the fall.

Apples and pears are heavy on the trees this year, and the fall should bring plenty of both. We will also press cider and make that available to you.

I hope this offers some insight into what’s to come. I didn’t cover everything, just the popular ones.

This Week’s Harvest: Summer Squash, Cucumbers, Lettuce, Potatoes, Beets, Garlic, Onions, Chard, Green Beans, Dill, Basil, Parsley

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