Biodynamic Conference Report

Fun, informative, excellent eats, great weather, talented and dedicated people. As a biodynamic conference, there was plenty of talk about soil, how to make and apply biodynamic preparations, and understanding the forces that we must interact and get along with in order to grow great food. Rudolph Steiner wrote volumes about nature spirits and their role in farming. These topics were covered too.

Some of the other workshops included ‘High Density Grazing’ for pasture animals, ‘Farm to Chef Connections’, ‘Holistic Healing’, ‘Homeopathy’, ‘Jam & Mustard Making’, ‘Homeschooling’, ‘Raw Foods’, and ‘Bees’. There were farm tours of our farm and Bugtussle Farm. The meals were incredible, and we had the annual talent show, bonfire, and barn dance.

Tyler Brown, former CSA member and chef at the Capitol Grille, brought up 4 bushels of oysters, which were roasted in wet burlap over an open fire at the cave to round out Friday. This was definitely a first for the farm, and they were really great! Much of the food was grown at the Long Hungry, but various farmers contributed to the bounty, bring everything from fruits and veggies, to jams, jellies, pickles, butters, eggs, ham, sausage, cheese, beer, wine, and more… and the end result was feast after feast.

CSA members Sarah Cherry and Kara Carden gave workshops, and several other CSA members attended the event. Last year we had some really good honey from Richard Monet, whose biodynamic bees are in North Georgia, just close enough to still be considered local. I am happy to say that we acquired another large vat of honey, which I will be pouring into jars and then will appear for sale at the CSA in the coming weeks. It is sourwood/sumac, a late summer honey that is light but very flavorful.

The weather was perfect for early October. On Friday and Saturday, we had warm, sunny days and cool, crisp nights. Friday was crystal clear, and the stars were plentiful and vibrant, and the overnight temperature reached down to the low 40’s. Saturday night, a brisk wind blew some clouds through, and even a sprinkle of rain, but not enough to dash any fun. Sunday began cloudy, cool, and windy, with fresh memories of the barn dance painting warm smiles across everyone’s faces.

By breakfast everyone was lively and talking enthusiastically, trading seeds and preps, and starting to say goodbyes. Officially the event ends Sunday after dinner, but I missed the last couple of workshops and meals to come home and write these very words. I am already looking forward to next year, to see now familiar faces and talk over the months in between. In the meantime, I know how to make mustard!

This Week’s Harvest: Mixed Winter Squash, Tomatoes, Peppers, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Eggplant, Basil, Parsley

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