General Overview of Our Planting Schedule

The following is an excerpt taken from a consultation report by Jeff Poppen on a farm in Tennessee giving a general overview and synopsis of our planting schedule:


In April we plant onion, potato, lettuce, carrot, beet, and swiss chard.

In May we plant beans, corn, squash, and cucumbers. Later in May we plant tomato, pepper, sweet potato, melon, and okra.

In June we’ll replant the early May vegetables for later harvest.

By the end of July, as potatoes and onions come out, we plant fall veggies. These include cabbage, broccoli, bok choy, and then in August as other stuff comes out we plant kale, turnips, mustard, etc.

If you would like Jeff Poppen to come to your small garden or large farm for a consultation, please fill out our consultation form here. 

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