First Winter CSA Drop-off

Winter is here and we are thankful for our greens that are still growing out in the ground, the root crops we have stored in warm places, and the summer vegetables we canned in anticipation of a cold, non-yielding winter.

While there is less to do in the garden this time of year, there is still plenty to do around the farm. There is an enormous pile of corn that needs shucking and shelling, rows of spinach and kale to weed and maintain, and cabbage to cover and save as long as we can.

There are also countless fencing projects and barn-repair projects to be done, along with paperwork that was put off during the growing season and a keyline plowing project to save the water that we are lucky enough to have fall onto our farm.

We are trying to pay better attention to our cattle grazing and rotation, and making frequent trips to bring them hay for eating and to look at and appreciate them for all of the fertility they provide the farm with.

There is bread to bake and hominy to make, compost to spread and pigs to care for, but even with all there is to do we could not be happier that we get to step to the beat of the farm life drum.

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