You can’t choose your neighbors

Microbes make good compost, compost makes lots of good vegetables, and excess vegetables make for good neighbors. I love my neighbors, and we love to give away vegetables.

What are cooks to do when they retire? Dan the soup man often shows up with a jar of deliciousness, and then forages around the gardens for his next big pot of soup. He has years of restaurant stories, and is a big fan of the farm.

We came in one evening from our farm work, and on the kitchen table sat apple pies with syrup and fried green tomatoes over spaghetti. Needless to say we ate dessert first. I told Wanda I’m glad she retired, and Jack looked right at home in a rocker on the porch.

I busted the mowing machine, but neighbor Chris said he’d help lay the hay down tomorrow. Meanwhile, we’ll be helping Tom get his bales in the barn. It’s likely Inis will have something tasty for the hay haulers. Tom and I are best friends, even though I am a tree-hugging environmentalist and he logged for a living.

Charlene called to tell me about the Cobb chicken house burning down, but there were no chickens in it. I hope the farmer gets out of that ridiculously binding contract. Her and Ronnie raise a good garden so it’s hard to give them vegetables, but the may get some lettuce plants soon.

Judy called to check in yesterday, reporting on the fines for Andy Holt. Apparently the EPA doesn’t like manure in creeks even if you are a senator on the state agriculture committee. She’ll be over soon to get garlic.

Neil snuck down and raided the sweet corn patch. I told him it would taste better if he stole it, but I wasn’t there and he left a little money. I’ll get back by dumping too much summer squash on his back porch.

Donna said she needs a “no spray” sign by her organic garden. It’s very upsetting to watch your land have cancer-causing poisons sprayed on it. The electric company really ought to tell innocent people that if they cut under their lines they won’t be subjected to one of the most deadliest toxins known to mankind.

You can’t choose your neighbors. People living near each other are bound to have different opinions. But we all have things in common, too. Eating vegetables is one of them.

Good neighbors make life pleasant. I still have vegetables that have gone too far and end up making good compost. Compost makes for lots more good good microbes. I guess what goes around comes around.

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