The Spring Equinox is the only family campout that is not organized by the farm. There aren’t really rules about taking your car back, wristbands, or even an identifiable parking lot. The kitchen isn’t funded or staffed, there’s no electricity for lights around the outhouses, and bands aren’t scheduled.

It is the most participation-driven event here on the farm, and I love the opportunity this creates. This is our time to shine. This event is absolutely only as good as the people who attend and then make it happen. The lack of authority or regulation allows people to rise to the occasion, and make the type of environment they wish to be in a reality.

rocks necklaces wire spring equinox 2016

No one will be telling you to park your car in the first field on the right and not take it across the creek, but you can just do that since you know camping with cars isn’t as fun. There will not be trash cans, and you can be prepared to take everything off the farm that you bring onto it. There may not be lights set up for night time ease, or a staff running the kitchen, but that is an opportunity; an opportunity step up and make the event the type of experience that you want to be present for.

We can come together, we can share, we can collaborate, communicate and help one another to create the best event that happens at the Barefoot Farmer’s farm. It is completely up to us what sort of community we develop that weekend together. Let’s show that given the opportunity, people can make good choices and thrive together without being told how to.

The event has a suggested donation amount of $10. This is also the only event where all funds go straight to paying off the bank for the farm.

Please make yourself familiar with the Farm Principles. 

Here is a link to the Facebook event page. Here is a link to the website event page.

Here is a link to the Facebook Group “Solstice/Equinox Camping Arrangements”.