We are digging potatoes and could use your help!

6 hours equals a free ticket to the upcoming Fall Equinox Music Festival.

potato digging 2015 organic farm tn nashville csa


This Tuesday and Friday, July 26 & 29, starting at 8am!

You can totally be late, but it only gets hotter and we’d rather just knock it all out!


Once you enter the farm, stay on the main road. You will pass a garden with flowers on your left, then the creek on your right. Do not cross the creek. Continue past the creek and up the hill. There will be a structure and a barn to the right of the road. In the grassy space between the structure and the barn is where you can park (Please try to park in a way that tractors can still get into and out of the barn and shed). The garden to the left of that road is where we are digging potatoes. 

You can also park in the field right before the creek crossing on your right and walk up to the garden.

Please drink lots of water the day before you plan on coming out.

What to bring:
-Lots of water
-Long sleeves
-Big hat

Please stay tuned for more details as they develop!

Directions to the farm found here.