Thinking of You Always

A note to our CSA members.

Thinking of You Always

When we sort potatoes in the middle of the week, I wonder what you‘ll do with them when we bring them to you on Monday.

Then when we sort butternuts I wonder if you‘re making pies with homemade crusts and plenty of cinnamon.

think about you all the time.

When we pick radishes I wonder if youlike them better on salads or roasted in your oven, and as I pick out the prettiest turnips for you, I wonder if you are mixing them in with your mashed potatoes, or just cooking the greens with some bacon and onion.

While I am picking flowers for you I wonder which flowers your little one is going to think are the prettiest, and while I am picking eggplant I can’t help but wonder if you are making baba ganoush.

So curious.

Green beans, onions, and summer squash
Green beans, onions, and summer squash

Picking the green beans makes me think about you steaming and baking them (both with garlic of course), and I wonder if you ever pressure can or blanch them for a winter time revival.

I can’t pick a kale leaf without assuming you‘re making kale chips, and picking the arugula and mizuna gets me so excited about all of the possible things you could be doing in your kitchen!

It is true that the rows are long, the sun is hot, and the bushel baskets are heavy, but thinking of the food and you getting to eat it makes it so so fun . There are 100 of you, and we think of and appreciate you always.

Thank you for letting us feed you!

-Kristina Rossi

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