Cancer, may I have this dance? with Mark Trela

At present the two major diseases garnering much of the research attention are cancer and heart disease. These diseases are so prevalent that nearly every one of us knows someone whose life has been touched. Billions of dollars, millions of surgeries and aligned therapies have not given us the sought-after magic bullets to eradicate either one of these diseases. So a broader net must be cast in our efforts to understand them.

If heart disease reflects our relationship with our emotional life, then perhaps cancer is a disease of the emerging individual. This is my own conviction and not meant to be a hard and fast rule. As we shall see with our friend, cancer, every aspect is completely unique to the individual even if they share the same diagnosis with someone else. My focus for this workshop will be on cancer because it has affected my body and my life.

What I hope to cover are the following topics:

a)   What is cancer?

b)   Who gets cancer?

c)   When you get diagnosed, then what?

d)   How does one get rid of cancer?

e)   Can you dance with cancer?

 I will generate a book list along with other resources that people can explore if it interests them.

Hopefully throughout the talk and throughout the day there will be ample time for sharing of experiences from participants who may be on this journey or who share the journey with a loved one.

Read more of Mark Trela’s writing at his website, New Wave Biodynamics.