You are all I think about and all I dream about.

It is embarrassing how excessively I bring you up in conversation,

and my love for you,

the raw and true you,

is so natural and obvious to me

that I am shocked anyone can walk past you without stopping to stare.

The buildup has been too long.

I peel back the layers that cover you and admire your succulent curves.

I know this can’t last forever,

but right here and right now

you are the only thing that matters

and you are the only thing I can not get enough of.

You taste so sweet on my lips and tongue

I become like a ravenous animal

nibbling and licking

and getting your essence and juices all over my face.

But I don’t care and I can’t stop.
You are my sweet, sweet corn.

You are Incredible.

-Kristina Rossi

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