I Am But A Single Cell, By Olivia Cantrell


We are so lucky to always have such talent and creativity on our farm. The poem below is by an intern from two seasons ago, Olivia Cantrell.


I Am But A Single Cell

I am but a single cell within a seed, with little energy I must proceed
To the sun above that beckons me.

I endure until the light I reach, thrusting myself up and one root underneath.
I feel a flourish within my feet as I’m allowed to grow taller within my strength.

I find myself amidst rolling thunder and my first experience with electric light, that makes the rain fall hard and heavy.

I hope for time that I am ready.
I wake the next morning less sore than assumed, and everything around me thickly covered with dew.

The world seems to sparkle, washed fresh and new, as the sun rises soaking up my sweat, I feel myself spreading, stretching higher yet.

Underground the soil grows thicker, my roots become stronger anchoring deeper.
Searching for life that exists far below, finding a foundation as taller I grow.

My thin green skin’s been turning darker with days.
Stretching, maturing into bark it will stay.

Becoming strong and bold, rising high into the canopy.
My branches sprawl to soak up the sun above me.

With seasons change in the wind I sway,
Forever as I grow old in this spot I’ll stay.

kristina Rossi and Olivia Cantrell looking up at the trees
Photo credit: Becky Little

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