Help Wanted

We are starting a non-profit (501 c-3) to raise money for our legal and PR battles.  We need someone to run this organization, with the primary responsibility being the collection of and accounting for donations.

We also need a PR team, and while there will surely be room for inexperienced people with a desire to help, the campaign itself requires some professional experience.

One important aspect to this situation is our ability to get the word out, far and wide.  We must be honest and act with integrity at every turn.  To me that means clearly indicating when something can be substantiated as fact, or is just what we believe to be true.  As much as we wish we didn’t have to, this is a must in this media-saturated, web-connected world of ours.

We believe that Tyson and Cobb use legal, but questionable tactics that usurp power from rural farmers and communities to get what they want.  A perfect example being the first public meeting we tried to organize with the cooperation of Lundy (Jeff’s neighbor).  When Jeff and other neighbors first expressed concerns over his plans, it was that snowy week in January when schools shut down for the entire week.  Lundy suggested a community meeting on Saturday morning, thinking the snow would not be a factor by then, and Jeff and the Kirbytown Farm Community started spreading the word.

Then, mid-week, a Cobb representative announced that the meeting will be on Thursday morning at 8 am.  Many people have to work during the week and couldn’t make that meeting, and others were still iced in and stuck at home.  Short notice, poor choice of day and time for many, and many physically unable to attend due to snow and ice.  This was perfectly legal, but was not in the spirit of fairness, openness, or community.  While we have no need  or desire to exaggerate, much less lie, it is imperative that we illuminate any Tyson/Cobb practices that undermine the autonomy and solidarity of rural communities, that effectively remove rights from everyday people, that show disrespect for the surrounding community, and which are carried out in bad faith.  This is their modus operandi, and we must shine a very bright light on these practices.

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  1. I was one of the many people unable to attend. Though, I would have only been present for support and the knowlege I would have gained on the situation. I would very much like to be notified of any event that is open to the public. I love the farm and I love all the wonderful people i have met there. I want so desperately to be a part of this; If capable, I’d like to offer my help in putting a stop to anything that might negatively affect the farm. Thankyou for all that you do… and keep on doing it!!!!!!!

  2. I’m trying to help by sharing some information on my facebook page. Facebook can be a powerful tool. I think it would be a great idea to start a page for the Barefoot Gardener and share this story.

  3. I have experience in non-profit book -keeping, I worked for a non profit organization for 10 years doing a variety of jobs but the last 7 years I was the Chief Financial Officer. I would be interested in working for your organization if we could make a match so to speak, e-mail me for more details if you are interested. George Callen

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