Who knew that when we hosted a party on the summer solstice in 1976 that it would unfold into an amazing annual event? Certainly not us, but we are honored to open up the farm four times a year to celebrate the equinoxes and solstices. The farm has a history of throwing great gatherings.

The Spring Equinox can be chilly, but a big bonfire and the warmth of friendship will see us through. There is no charge, but donations are appreciated.

The Summer Solstice celebration requires a ticket. Two stages host great bands, from old-time mountain music to psychedelic rock. This event can draw a thousand people, many now bringing their grandkids. All our events are family-friendly, and you can volunteer to help in exchange for a ticket.

The Fall Equinox celebrates the harvest and is similar to the summer event though much smaller.

Winter Solstice is a small local gathering to toast the old year and new year.