Summer Solstice 2015 Pictures

music, festival, fire, people, crowd, night, cool

music festival, piece, necklace, wood burning, Necklace pieces handmade by Kristina Rossi and Matt Johnson for every attendee.

band, bajo, music, festival, stage, tn, ballhog


volleyball, children, kids, music festival


music festival, family friendly, children, can kids come too

Events are better if we keep them family-friendly please

jamie hartford, jeff poppen, barefoot farmer, music, festival

Jamie Hartford and Jeff Poppen, the Barefoot Farmer

kristina rossi jeff poppen, hula hoop, music festival, headstand,

Jeff Poppen on guitar and Kristina Rossi on hula hoop

love drums, music festival , tennessee

The Love Drums

loose hinges, kris houser, music festival, tennesee, barefoot farmer

The Loose Hinges

the family band, stage, music, festival

The Family Band

ss 2015 fire bikes night glow sticks, trippy

Fire at the music festival with glow sticks on bicycles.

children, kids, play, forest, woods, creek, waterfall fire, music festival, crowd, trippyfire dancers crowd music festival tn hyryder jeff poppen barefoot farmer music festivaljeff kicking off the summer solstice 2015hippies, camping, butt, music festival huge, music festival, tn, farm, organic, crowdvoodoo fix ss 2015creek people, woods, serenedancing, art, black and white, peoplestage, music festival, girlsss 2015 docs stagefield, love, music festival, tnss 2015 creek peopless 2015 firess 2015 fire campers field child on bikeflowers, organic, farm, purple, two

Creek chillin'

Creek chillin’

Jeff Poppen and Daphne & the Mystery Machines

Jeff & Daphne & The Mystery Machines

jeff poppen, guitar, black and white, rockstar

loose hinges, acoustic, stage, music festival , tn The Loose Hinges

lettuce, organic, farm, tn, biodynamic, music festival, garden

All of the festival energy helps the garden grow.

Jeff poppen, guitar, bandJeff Poppen, barefoot farmer, blue

Loose Hinges, acoustic, girls, music festival, guitar

Loose Hinges on the acoustic stage

Rock Balancing, rock stacks, creek, water, slate,

Rock Balancing




ss 2015 creek

creek, rocks, serene, green

alan powell, allan, powel,

Alan Powell lighting fire

music festival, acoustic, daphne ss 2015 bridge long hungry creek farm bus ss 2015 cloud birdcali webster ss 2015 crazy, painted, blue, eyes, hippie, trippy

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  1. Pam smith says:

    We always have a great time looking forward to the fall equinox!

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