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Jeff Poppen, the Barefoot Farmer, is the owner and operator of one of the oldest and largest organic farms in Tennessee. For the past 15 years Poppen has appeared on Nashville PBS’ television program Volunteer Gardener, for over 20 years he has written a gardening column for the Macon County Chronicle, and he is the author of three books: The Best of the Barefoot Farmer Vol. I, Vol. II and Agriculture Abridged.

Poppen runs a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program with the food he grows using about 8 acres of his farmland and about 40 head of cattle. This CSA delivers fresh produce to about 150 patrons in the Nashville area but does not account for all of the food grown at the Barefoot Farmer’s farm. Poppen is always sure to have extra for neighbors, friends, and the surrounding community. While he has only been making and utilizing biodynamic preparations in his farming and gardening for a little over 25 years, he is very proud to have spent the last 40 years providing his own food for himself from what he is able to grow.

Farm Consultation

Learn how to tend your land without the use of chemicals or commercial fertilizers. Jeff Poppen has extensive knowledge of biodynamic methods and the farming methods used before World War II–when everyone farmed organically. You will tour your farm one-on-one with Jeff and he will provide a detailed consultation report. In addition, you may reach out after the report for further clarification or questions that you may have regarding your farm. The fee is typically $500 per day plus travel expenses for one-time consultations. For larger projects, other payment structures can be arranged.

His consultation has enabled many new farms to launch viable organic market gardens, and he also helps out with school gardens, community gardens, and backyard gardens. Some of the great success stories are Bells Bend Market, Green Door Gourmet, Six Boots Growers Collective, Harpeth Hall’s School Garden, Glenn Leven, Pine Wood Farm, Second Harvest’s River Run Farm, and Linden Waldorf’s School Garden.

Speaking Engagements

Learn from Jeff’s 40 years of mistakes! He has a wonderful gift of breaking down the concepts of conventional, biodynamic, and organic gardening methods so that everyone can understand them. Jeff keeps it light and entertaining.

Common subject areas include (but are not limited to):
Garden planning
Crop Rotation
Soil Health
Livestock Management
Tractors & Other Farm Machinery
Farm Infrastructure
General Landscaping

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