Southeast Regional Biodynamic Conference


A high quality educational event with the atmosphere of a seasonal celebration.

Please join us for the annual reunion of the region’s sustainable growers, biodynamic enthusiasts, permaculture practitioners, homesteaders, and friends in general. 

Chef prepared, local, organic and biodymamic food, complete with hot tea and coffee bar. 


FREE CAMPING on 250 acre biodynamic farm
Farm Tour
Barn Dance with live music Saturday night
 Running water restrooms
 Eating like a farmer for a weekend



Friday, October 5

2:00:  Spatial Dynamics with Bill Keener 
             Pasture Walk & Cow Talk with Greg Brann

5:00:  Reception, registration, and setting up camp

6:00:  Biodynamic Banquet

7:00:  “Farmers Can Heal the World” with Charlotte Fleming 

Saturday, October 6

8:00:  Breakfast 

9:00:  Permaculture Farming on a Shoestring Budget with Susana Lein
             Spiritual Science with Charles Griffin
             Hands-on Prep Making with Jeff Poppen
             Connecting with Nature Spirits by Shabari Bird

10:00:  Permaculture Earthworks with John Nelson
               Two Decades of Biodynamic farming with Philip & Laura Lyvers
               Non-Violent Communication with Oceana Glanz

12:00: Lunch

2:00:   Application of the Biodynamic Preps with Hugh Lovel 
              Homeopathy with Richard Monet
              Hands-on Prep Making with Jeff Poppen continues 

3:30Hemp Production in the Southeast with Will Tarelton
             Cowgirls – a circle of women seeking a feminine way of being with our cows 
             Helpful Tools for the Large Garden with Michael Holt

4:30:  Multi-Species Grazing on a Large Organic Farm with Gabrielle Hathaway 
             Follow-up discussion with Philip Lyvers
             Sauerkraut Demonstration and Fermentation Discussion
Sulfur in Biodynamic Preparations and Spiritual Food with Henry Karzynski

5:30: Circle 

6:00: Biodynamic Banquet 

8:00: Talent Show 

9:30: Barn Dance 


Sunday, October 7

8:30:  Breakfast 

9:30:  Beekeeping with Richard Monet

10:30:  Reading from The Agriculture Course and discussion 
               Permaculture follow-up and discussion with Susana Lein

1:00:  Lunch

2:30:  Farm Tour and hay ride with Jeff Poppen


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