Spring Equinox 2016: Feedback Form

Spring Equinox has come and gone, and we are still walking around as if in a dream from all the great energy that you all brought to our farm. How thankful we are to have so many people bring such goodness to the farm that the plants in the upcoming season can then use to grow strong and healthy!

We also don’t like to leave home, so it’s nice that you all come here to party with us.


Our thoughts on the event

We loved the overall vibe of the event, and we loved how everyone loved and partied in a mellow, cool way. We loved the music, dancing, flow toys, personality and kitchen donations you all brought to share, and we loved the respect and kindness we saw people show themselves, one another, and our farm. Although only about half of our attendees donated to the event, we want to thank everyone who did. Your financial support helps us keep the farm going, and we are thrilled to be able to make an extra payment towards the bank note.


Thank you to everyone for not bringing your dogs and thank you, thank you for allowing us to have a vehicle-free camping space to enjoy nature together in. How beautiful it was! To the 12 or so people who used the unloading area as a parking lot, we hope you make the right decision next time.

Thank you to our vendors and thank you to our volunteers. Thank you also to our attendees who contributed something a little extra to the event.

We are already so looking forward to the Summer Solstice Music Festival, and the Fall Equinox Family Campout that will both be happening later this year. But first, please let us know your thoughts and feelings about this past Spring Equinox by filling out the form below. We want to hear from you!

 Thank you so much again for sharing the farm with us this past weekend. You all help push us into the season and through it until the next one!

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