Jeff Poppen standing in a field of crimson clover, a fall cover crop we like to use in our rotations. Photo by Anthony Villa

caterpillar on a dill head seed

Bee on a Mexican Sunflower. Photo by Kristina Rossi

Organic garden hay bale blue sky

Buckwheat cover crop in the orchard garden. Apple trees to the right. Photo by Kristina Rossi
Butterfly on a flower. This is a row of zinnias next to a row of organic celery. Photo by Kristina Rossi
Long Hungry Creek. This pathway through the woods leads to a waterfall.
Starfox, the farm dog, hanging out in the freshly mulched tomatoes. Photo by Kristina Rossi
The fall greens garden. Biodynamic and organic Napa Cabbage, Bok Choy, Tot Soi, Lettuce, etc. Phil Schultz is the figure off in the distance and Kristina Rossi took this picture.
The Farm Dog, Starfox, finding a cozy place to snuggle in some soft sand.
Waterfall in the early spring. Photo by Kristina Rossi
Golden sun rays on a winter time pasture. Photo by Kristina Rossi
Grasshopper on okra. Photo by Kristina Rossi
Interns hoeing rows of organic and biodynamic beets. Jordan Gaertner, Chris Morina, Natalie Ashker. Photo by Kristina Rossi
Jeff Poppen and Kristina Rossi harvesting potatoes. Photo by Alan Messer.
Jeff Poppen in a winter grazed pasture. Photo by Alan Messer
Green and blue of summer. Queen Anne’s Lace in full bloom in a hay pasture. Photo by Kristina Rossi
Dark dreary day in the fall greens garden. Organic and biodynamic Tokyo Bekena, Arugula, Mizuna, Radishes, Kale, etc. Photo by Kristina Rossi
Natalie Ashker in Golden Nugget Sweet Potato harvest at sunset. Photo by Kristina Rossi
Okra bloom in summer garden. Photo by Kristina Rossi

Hay field after spring cutting. The building in the background was the very first post office in Red Boiling Springs. Jeff moved the building here to the farm and it now serves as a second stage at the music festivals we host.
Hay field at sunset in early summer. Photo by Kristina Rossi
Purple Top Turnips with greens.

Music and Spanish Roja Garlic. Saved the seed for over 35 years.
Irish Potato harvest. Finding the buried treasure in the soil!
Eggplant, red peppers, green peppers, yellow peppers, and basil. Harvest and photo by Anthony Villa.
Organic and biodynamic Golden Nugget Sweet Potatoes. This variety is an heirloom to our region.
Organic and biodynamic strawberries.
Swiss chard, celery and green onions growing in the spring garden.
Harvested organic and biodynamic kale, turnip greens and arugula.
Fall lettuce by Michael Schumate

Gertrude the dairy cow.
Maylynn, the other dairy cow.

Biodynamic Workshop with Jeff Poppen. Photo by Anthony Villa

Late summer CSA share. Organic and biodynamic tomatoes, delicata squash, watermelon, white potatoes, cucumbers, sweet peppers, hot peppers, parsley, basil, and okra. Photo by Kristina Rossi

Biodynamic Workshop with Jeff Poppen. Photo by Anthony Villa

Long rows of potatoes on Long Hungry Creek Farm, using only organic and biodynamic methods. Photo by Anthony Villa.

Stuffed cow horns in pit. Bioydnmic photo by Anthony Villa

Jeff Poppen filming for Nashville Public Television’s Volunteer Gardener. Photo by Anthony Villa

Long Hungry Creek during the Summer Solstice Music Festival. Photo by Kristina Rossi
Long Hungry Creek Farm. Owned and operated by Jeff Poppen, the Barefoot Farmer. Aerial photo by Alan Messer

International 140 tractor at Jeff Poppens house beside a row of Mexican Sunflowers. Photo by Anthony Villa.

Yarrow in a stag bladder. Bioydnamic preparation 502 sewed and photographed by Anthony Villa

Sweet corn. Organic and biodynamic farm.
Watermelon radish

Organic vegetable workshop with Jeff Poppen in the summer garden of peanuts, peppers, and tomatoes. Photo by Anthony Villa.
Anthony Villa in a cover crop of Buckwheat. He was mulching the garlic, but Sherman Thomas needed a good picture.

Late spring CSA share of biodynamic and organic celery, lettuce, swiss chard, summer squash, beets, onions, french breakfast radishes and garlic. Photo by Anthony Villa

Heart potato. We are growing love here on this farm. Photo and vegetable heart find by Natalie Ashker

conference audience 2015 tn local food summit green door gourmet winter
2015 Tennessee Local Food Summit


radishes by jessica barber
Food Preservation Workshop with Sandor Katz 2015


making preps at jeffs class bdc 2015
Biodynamic Conference 2015


FE Swag 2015 by Crystal Justice
Fall Equinox Music Festival 2015



long rows of greens kale, tuscany kale, organic, tn
The always giving fields


Sea of onions
Sea of onions

Harvested Produce


jeff and Eli in a field
Farm Life



local food chef prepared tennessee local food summit 2015 by alexandra gellisJPG
What we do with the fruits of the earth and our labor



By Mac Hill
By Mac Hill



Farmers Market

Summer Solstice Music Festival and Family Campout 2015

TN Local Food Summit 2014

Kimchi Workshop with Sandor Katz 2014

The other living creatures to be found around the farm

Biodynamic Conference 2014

Friends of Long Hungry