Pictures: Biodynamic Conference 2015

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A reflective article from the Radical Farmwives about the 2015 Biodynamic Conference can be found here. 

Welcome to 20th annual bdc celebration
By Leslie Alison
vendors bdc 2015
Vendors at Biodynamic Conference by Leslie Alison


barefoot farmer books bdc 2015
barn and garden at bdc 2015 By Leslie Alison
bdc 2015 decorations
By Leslie Alison
bdc 2015 people hanging out
By Leslie Alison
bdc food 2015 2
The food was all biodynamic and organic, and all amazing. By Leslie Alison
bdc house and stage 2015
By Leslie Alison
bdc pre barn dance
Right before the most fun barn dance ever. By Leslie Alison
calves at bdc 2015
Cute calves, by Leslie Alison
coree laughing bdc 2015
Family, learning, fun, love and laughter, by Leslie Alison
flowers bdc 2015
by Leslie Alison
food at bdc 2015
Meals were buffet-style, and so super good. By Leslie Alison
food in baskets at 2015 bdc conference
The farmers brought it, and the chefs prepared it. By Leslie Alison
jeff at bdc 2015
Jeff Poppen at Biodynamic Conference by Leslie Alison
kitten by fire at bdc 2015
by Leslie Alison
making preps at jeffs class bdc 2015
Workshop by Jeff Poppen on Biodynamic Preparations. Everyone gets to take some home! By Leslie Alison
people eating bdc 2015
All meals included! By Leslie Alison
lecture at bdc 2015 from sally yancey
Opening lecture, by Sally Yancey
mary keogh at bdc 2015 via sally yancey
Head chef, Mary Keogh, by Sally Yancey
Pauly at BDC 2015 via Olivia Cantrell
The man behind the food, Palino Solorzano by Sally Yancey
people hanging out at bdc 2015 via Olivia Cantrell
People staying warm around the fire at the coldest Biodynamic Conference ever. By Olivia Cantrell
pigs at bdc 2015
Piggies at Biodynamic Conference by Olivia Cantrell