Large Scale Potatoes, Butternuts, and Sweet Potatoes

We would love to supply the potatoes for your restaurant, business or institution from now until January! We have thousands of pounds of biodynamicaly, locally grown red and white potatoes that are ready to eat, and grown with all organic practices.

We deliver to Nashville on Monday’s, and will deliver locally for orders over $400. Potatoes are $1/lb.

Searching for gold out in the field. Found some!
Searching for gold out in the field. Found some!

As a large-scale buyer, we will gladly promote you and your business among our audience of local eaters. Between our appearances on PBS’s Volunteer Gardener¬†and extensive online presence, we reach thousands of food-driven consumers in middle Tennessee.

We soon will have large amounts of butternut squash and sweet potatoes that we would love to sell you. Both sweet potatoes and butternuts are also sold for $1/lb.

Please contact Kristina Rossi at or 678-787-0935. 

sea of sweet potatoes