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We are one of the oldest and largest organic and biodynamic farms in Tennessee, and we can use extra hands every season. The farm is beautiful and productive, supporting a modest herd of cattle and a 100 member CSA out of Nashville and the surrounding area.

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Internship work will include a lot of field work and whatever needs doing. Hoeing, planting, hoeing, weeding, carrying heavy things, getting very dirty, setting up for events, harvesting, building, etc.

Whoever comes to work with us needs to be flexible enough to do whatever needs doing, which will include a lot of work and also fun.

The two hundred fifty acres of the farm hold beautiful woodlands and pasture, with the Long Hungry Creek winding its way through the land. We hold conferences about local food, alternative healing, music, massage, biodynamic agriculture, and love to be a place of community gathering. Our regular staff is just a small circle of friends who work together. We do not all live on the farm, and the intern may be housed at the farm or with friends.

We can offer all you can eat biodynamic food and various free places to sleep. If you have your own transportation, that would be great, but it’s also okay if you don’t. CSA deliveries begin in the last week of May, but we’d love to have an extra set of hands to get the season rolling in March. Our season lasts thirty weeks, usually well into December, but we won’t demand that anyone stay that long.

We do feel strongly that there be an understood trial period of two weeks in which we make sure everyone can work together before we agree to make longer term plans and farmers.


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10 Responses to Internships

  1. Whitney says:

    I would love more information and love to join for a internship.

  2. Daniel Watkins says:

    Equinox is the most beautifuliest thing the four season of change can not be changed no matter how man or woman sees the world.

  3. Darla Pace says:

    Am interested in apprenticeship. I live in Hilham, near Livingston, in Overton County. I love to garden and am hoping to be a biodynamic farmer. At this time I am without a computer so we will need to correspond by phone. I will phone you and give you my number. Thanks, looking forward to talking to you. Darla Pace

  4. Will Gormley says:

    what’s up y’all? I’ve been trying to get in touch so I can come volunteer again but there seems to be an issue with the phone lines.
    I can’t wait to come out and plant some more so please get at me.
    Will Gormley

  5. kari says:

    How am I just finding out about this farm? I am definitely going to come visit soon- and do an internship sometime!

  6. Anonymous says:

    How to get there

  7. Travis Delk says:

    Would be interested in joining for an internship. I consider myself to be a beginner as far are gardening and farming and would be very happy to help and learn. I love to work and appreciate your farm for the celebrations and would love to return the favor. Much love


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