Gertrude and Fred are Dating

You probably already know since I am too excited about it to keep it to myself, but I just got a dairy cow! She is a Guernsey named Gertrude.

gertrude being sweet


She started out really angry. I took her away from her last calf and moved her here to the farm. She screamed all day for 3 days straight! She is hanging out here on the farm to spend time with Jeff’s Bull, Fred, until she gets bred. Then she can move to my house to live with me. I have plenty of pasture and she will be happy there. But first we need to get a baby in her!

Gertrude screaming


Fred and Gertrude have had no interest in one another for over a week and a half now. For over a week and a half, I have driven to the farm twice per day to milk her. I couldn’t wait for her to get with Fred.

Tonight it happened! They started hanging out!

gertrude and fred


I am so thrilled. Hopefully they ended up working it out and hopefully Gertrude has a baby in her now. Next she comes to my house to live with me, and I am so excited!


-Kristina Rossi

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