Fermentation Workshop with Sandor Katz: 2015

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Photo by Bonnie Young

jeff poppen gives farm tour and lecture before kimchi workshop

Jeff Poppen gives farm tour and lecture before kimchi workshop. Photo by Kristina Rossi.

kimchi workshop by carol ventura

Farm tour before kimchi workshop by Carol Ventura.


jeff in orcahrd garden by jessica barber

Lecture by Jeff Poppen on crop rotation, cover crops, and earthworms. Photo by Jessica Barber.

radishes by jessica barber

Radishes. Photo by Jessica Barber.

Sandor giving kimchi workshop by Jessica Barber

Sandor Katz giving fermentation workshop. Photo by Jessica Barber.


Photo by Bonnie Young


Jeff Poppen making kimchi. Photo by Bonnie Young.


Photo by Bonnie Young



Photo by Bonnie Young.