Farm Principles

Welcome- We are all unique individuals and everyone is welcome. Our experiences have been different, we can learn from each other, and tolerance for other peoples opinions opens our hearts.

Generosity- Sharing, gifting, and other acts of random kindness create a homey, comfortable atmosphere. Bring extra and share it with your neighbors.

Participation- This is a great opportunity to meet and make friends and a great way to do this is by doing things together. Join in for workshops, kitchen help, volleyball, Frisbee, hula hooping, hikes, hacky sack, or making bonfires.

Music- There will be music everywhere, so no car stereos. Bring instruments and drums, and join in the jams. If you don’t play, then dance, clap, shake, or sing along.

Art- Arts and crafts demonstrations are welcome. You can trade and sell too. A positive art experience can change people. Healing arts are also encouraged.

Consciousness- We can raise awareness about food, health, spirituality, community and life. Appreciation, compassion, and intuition are fostered by expanding our horizons. The sky is the limit.

Doglessness- We tried allowing dogs and it doesn’t work for our family campouts. Imagine everyone bringing their pets. The farm has a dog you can pet, but if you bring yours you can’t come in.

Cleanliness- Leave no trace that you’ve been here, including bottle caps, cigarette butts, and any other trash. This is a hayfield, so please don’t leave anything in it. Use outhouses, wash your hands, pick up after others, and leave your body free of harmful drugs.

Community- As a community sponsored event, we have no sponsors except for you. We don’t spend advertising money, it is just word of mouth. Lend a helping hand and be a part of the community.

Loving kindness- Love is the natural state. Open your heart, hold hands in the circle, and feel the love energy. We love you. Have fun!

We are an old organic and biodynamic farm, so please:
Enjoy the gardens, but don’t walk in them. Keep gates shut so the cows don’t get out. Use biodegradable soap and don’t use chemicals. Feel the soft soil, pick up on the energy, and enjoy the vibes.