Excerpt on Interns from Local Paper

The following are excerpts from an article that came out in our local paper, The Macon Country Chronicle. The article features our internship program and the interns that we currently have, Tyler, Daniel and Chris. We thought you would all enjoy reading about why our interns are here helping to grow your food this year, along with a little bit about them. 

Tyler Labrizzi said, “I am doing an internship here with the Barefoot Farmer because I think that biodynamics is the keystone to the organic movement, because it brings morality and spirituality into the mix in our age of materialism. I am 22 years old and old time friends of my family, who practice similar agriculture technology, knew about Jeff Poppen and that is how I found out about the internship program here in Red Boiling Springs. I would love to have my own farm someday, and I will take this knowledge with me. Jeff is a wise man and a very good teacher. He also has a good heart”.

Daniel Norris said, ” I am from Nashville and I have been in the restaurant business for over 12 years now. The new farm to restaurant table movement has really taken off in Hasville, and I realized that I had no knowledge of anything on a farm, so that is why I entered the internshiop program here at Long Hungry Creek Farm. Where our food comes grom is just as important as how a chef can prepare it. I am a restaurant manager, but I still want to learn I will remember what I lean here and take it back to the restaurant business with me. Jeff Poppen is one of the most interesting people I have ever met. He is a good teacher, good provider and a generous friend. Macon County is beautiful and the citizens are great”.

“I came here to work with the Barefoot Farmer because he knows a lot, he’s been doing it for a long time and I have never worked with a farmer as experienced as him”, said Chris Cree of Ohio. “I’m in school at Warren Wilson College in NC right now where I am studying biochemistry, but my dream is to eventually have a farm of my own somewhere, I hope to absorb everything here and someday take it back to my own land. I came from a big city so being out on this farm is really a nice change of pace for me, where things are quieter and the food is better”.

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