2020 Calendar

Due to COVID-19, all events have been cancelled. 

To reserve Jeff Poppen for a speaking engagement or book an event or wedding, please email info@barefootfarmer.com

  • January 18: POP-UP Restaurant with Jeff’s Band at 520 Lafayette Rd in Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150
  • January 25: Biodynamic Gardening Workshop in Nashville by Jeff 
  • February 1: Jeff’s band playing at the Bull & Thistle Pub in Gainsboro
  • February 14: Jeff Speaking at Ohio Ecological Food & Farm Association
  • March 19-22: Spring Equinox Family Camp Out
  • June 6: Jeff speaking at the Folk Medicine Festival at 9:30am
  • June 18-21: Summer Solstice Music Festival & Family Camp Out
  • September 17-20: Fall Equinox Music Festival & Family Camp Out
  • October 2-4: Southeast Regional Biodynamic Conference
  • November 7: Fermentation Workshop with Sandor Katz
  • December 4-6: TN Local Food Summit 


10 Responses to 2020 Calendar

  1. Florence says:

    Hey where is the post about the BD gathering in Sept

  2. Lori Waite says:

    I’m looking for details about the Solstice Party, too :).

  3. Kelly says:

    Hey I was just curious about the yoga retreat. Like is there any space left? How does it work if so ? And can A 6-7 month pregnant women come along as well? Thank you!!!

  4. Lynn Baxter says:

    I would like some more info on your festival and camping.


  5. Poncho says:

    Hey i’ve got some family wanting to go they are wondering if they need to come a few days in advance to get a go spot.If so would it be ok to come and put up a tent today please get back with me.Thanks

  6. Shirley Lockhart says:

    Is the December solstice party for a certain few or for everyone?

  7. Kelly says:

    Is the biodynamic conference only in the fall, or do you also offer it in the spring?

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