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Tennessee’s well-known Barefoot Farmer invites you to his Long Hungry Creek Farm to learn, live and laugh through these weekly chronicles. Jeff Poppen’s enthusiasm for local food stems from 35 years of organic farming. Modern methods and old-time wisdom merge in these informative, yet highly readable books. Let his thoughtful essays inspire you to consider food and farming in a new way.

“As you read the pages of this book you can picture yourself on a farm teeming with life. The farm, the experiences related to the farm and the food produced on the farm will all bring pleasures most people are not privileged to have. It is still true that it is the land which sustains us and Jeff deals with this subject beautifully.” – Harvey C. Lisle

To purchase either or both of the Barefoot Farmer books, please send $20 for one or $35 for two (or whatever you can) to P.O. Box 163, Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150, and we will get your order in the mail to you right away. They are also available for sale in Nashville at Sunflower Cafe or Rhino Booksellers.

Illustrations provided by Linda Johnson.

7 Responses to Books

  1. Ken Brown says:

    Do you still have copies of both books?

  2. marmalade14 says:

    I would love to buy your books. How do I pay from the UK?

    • jeffpoppen says:

      Please send money to PO Box 163, Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150 and we will ship them to you. They are $15 each and then an extra $8 for shipping and handling.
      Thank you for your support!

  3. Lorie Carter says:

    Mr. Poppen, I recently expressed an interest in learning how to compost to make my garden grow better. I also wanted to find healthier alternatives that wouldn’t kill my rescue cats and dogs. You were recommended to me. Can you help me learn how to compost? I live in smith county and would love to visit your farm?

  4. Anonymous says:

    Is your Franklin open to the public to visit

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