Biodynamic Conference 2015

October 2-4, 2015

2307 Long Hungry Road, Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150

 The Biodynamic Celebration is….

a high quality educational event

with the atmosphere of a seasonal celebration.

Please join us for our twentieth year of hosting this wonderful weekend!

circle biodynamic conference 2014

The theme of this year’s conference is Training New Farmers.  With the demand for local food on the rise, we need local farmers more than ever.  There are increasing numbers of internship opportunities and academic programs to train new farmers.  How do people learn to grow food?  How can we create a healthy farm culture?  This weekend, we are presenting a number of basic and hands-on activities for new farmers, as well as exploring the ways that farmers learn and thrive.   Let’s talk about growing a healthy new generation of farmers, and farms.

Topics of discussion for the weekend include: Permaculture homesteading, healthy soils, farmer training programs, innovative berry culture, Biodynamic agriculture for everybody, holistic health, beekeeping, homeopathy, farming with draft horses, cooking in an earth oven, and the spiritual work of the farmer.  Besides all of that, we hope you will enjoy some quality time on the farm and feel the difference wholesome food and good atmosphere makes in your body and mind.  This festival attracts a wide array of people with gifts to share, and ample time is allowed for one-on-one discussion with workshop leaders, and one another, throughout the weekend.  We gather to learn, to share, to inspire each other, and to celebrate the passage of another growing season on the good earth.

Your conference fee gets you: all of your biodynamic, organic meals and beverages throughout the weekend, admittance to all workshops and lectures, and use of campground space.

Conference fees :     

$125.00 for the whole weekend

$50.00 per day

No one will be turned away for financial reasons.

Children, as always, are free.

Pre-registration is greatly appreciated!     

If you would rather not register online,
you may pay at the registration table, or send a check to:
Jeff Poppen, C/O Long Hungry Creek Farm
P.O. Box 163, Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150

Details: The conference will be held at the same location it has always been. Follow the second set of directions found on-line here to 2307 Long Hungry Road, Red Boiling Springs, TN 37150. GPS DOES NOT WORK.  For general inquiries, please email: Jeff at, or, or call 615-699-4676.

This is a family friendly conference.  There are beautiful places for children to play.

Volunteers are welcomed.  Please contact us for details.

Free camp sites are available at Long Hungry Creek Farm.

We do not offer power or water hook-ups.

See for hotel lodging.

Please, NO dogs.

biodynamic conference nathan lecture
 Biodynamics was initiated in 1924 when Dr. Rudolf Steiner recommended we view our farms as living organisms in connection with all of the elements of the earth and cosmos. He suggested that the farm’s fertility should come from the farm itself, not from artificial fertilizers, because the latter would tend to make our food less nutritious and our thinking and feeling more materialistic. Along with practical methods for integrating soil, plants, and animals into a self-sustaining farm, biodynamic gardeners work with spiritual elements by using homeopathic preparations to create compost, high quality produce, and a pleasant atmosphere.