Farm life

chris with watermelons in field farm solar panel install on barn farm tn farm life boys front porch sitting after long day

Kristina Rossi Jeff Poppen Barefoot Farmer tractor

Digging potatoes!

field, farm

pond sunset farm

Photo by Mac Hill

bamboo, farm, girl

The winter killed the bamboo and the summer is struggling to bring it back her on the farm.

long hungry creek, river, rocky river

The long and hungry creek.

jeff poppen, barefoot farmer, organic, tn

Always time for a chat.

jeff poppen, guitar, barefoot farmer, music festival, stage, band

Jeff and his band rocks the stage

creek, girl, woods, forest, slate, tn

Walks through the woods are just as important as hoeing.


csa, lettuce, produce, vegetables, bushel, van, team

Lettuce on CSA morning. Alex, Johnny, and Olivia help Jeff get the van ready.

barn, office, grass, dirt road, old

One of our many offices. What a view!



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