4 weeks left, Let’s talk end of season…

After discussing the gardens with Jeff this morning, he wants to extend the season by another week. That would make December 20th our last day for the season.   We realize that many of you may not be in town that week, and so we came up with a plan.  If you intend to come on 12/20, you must indicate that when you sign in over the next few weeks.  We will only be harvesting enough for the people who have previously committed to coming that day.
Many of you have asked how to pay for December.  If you are only going through the 13th, then you will pay $40 for single shares, or $70 for family shares.  If you sign up for food on the 20th, it will be $60 for single shares, and $95 for family shares.  If you paid for the whole season up front, you can either consider this a bonus week, or make a donation for the extra week of food- your choice- no expectations.
Another topic is that of extras for the winter.  We have plenty of radishes and turnips if you want extras for the winter.  You can can them or keep in “the root cellar”, by which I mean the bottom of your fridge.  Root veggies can keep quite a while in the fridge, sometimes even all winter!  I use the green bags (they work surprisingly well) and check them often to throw out any that begin to rot.  Other available items are sweet potatoes (no surprise there) and butternut squash.  Just let us know on the sign in sheet.
We are having a couple of winter solstice celebrations.  At the farm on Saturday, 12/18, a lazy afternoon with a pot luck and a party with requisite bonfire and live music.  All players welcome, don’t forget your instrument.  Closer to town in Whites Creek at Richard’s Restaurant, Cajun cuisine. Thursday, 12/23.  Jeff  Poppen with the Love Drums, 6:30pm.  The address is 4420 Whites Creek Pike, Whites Creek, TN, 37189- (615) 299-9590.
The book swap went well last week, and the weather is looking good for this week, so drop some books off, and pick some books up, (even if you forgot to bring yours).
Every year we try to get our member to complete a survey.  This year I will be emailing a link to an online survey.  It will be about ten questions and is meant to help us decide what next year’s planting will include, and how we might be able to improve the CSA experience for our members next season.  For those of you who don’t have or get email from us, I’ll try to make paper copies available- you count too.
We hope you have a great Thanksgiving filled with family, good friends, and good food!

This Week’s Harvest:
Mustard, Kale, Turnips, Butternut Squash, Radishes, Arugula, Mizuna, Bok Coy, Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Garlic, Parsley

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